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Stationary Bike Stand

The stationary bike stand, also known as the stationary bike trainer, is an exercising device which helps people to temporarily convert a traditional bicycle into a stationary bicycle. The bike is usually kept indoors, and is looked upon as an indoor alternative to real cycling.



For some types of stands, the bike does not have wheels, but has a stationary stand which keeps the bike in its position. There is the pedal arrangement provided which helps the person to work the device just as they would work a real bicycle.

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The main use of a stationary bicycle stand is that they provide a great amount of exercise to the user. The exercises are aerobic, i.e. they allow the person to breathe more as they work out, which adds to their overall health.

These bikes are stationary, which means they don’t go anywhere when a person pedals them, but some of them might have odometers and distance meters that give a good idea to the user how much they have cycled. Some of them can also emulate terrains and slopes, which can provide users with a more realistic biking experience.

Apart from the cardio workouts, these stationary bike stands can provide people with great lower body workouts, which can increase the strength and the stamina of the muscles in the calves and the thighs. The bikes are also prescribed to people who have had knee injuries and now need physiotherapy workouts on these joints so that they can work efficiently again.



Stationary Bike Stands

For the full-size exercise bike (not pictured on this site), the difficulty settings on typical stationary bike trainers or stands can be adjusted quite easily. There are different notches provided with a rod to be inserted in them. These notches represent different tension settings.

The person begins with a low tension setting and gradually works their way to the higher tension settings. These tension settings are quite similar to gears on a real bicycle, which enable people to select choices according to their individual capabilities.


stationary bike stands               stationary bicycle stands               stationary bike stand


The height of the seat can also be adjusted according to the person’s requirements. There are notches and rods which allow the adjustment for the height of the seat. The seats may be designed in the same fashion as bike seats are designed, or they may be provided with better features to be more comfortable during a workout. 



There are two types of stationary bike stands; the upright models and the recumbent models (for the full size exercise bikes, which again, are not pictures on this site). In the upright models, the person sits just as they would on a real bicycle. The person’s pedaling is similar to that of a real bicycle too. However, these bikes are not preferred by all people, because they can in some cases cause the lower back and the groin area of the person begin to ache in a short while. 

The recumbent stationary bikes allow people to sit in a more relaxed manner, while it is only the legs that work while pedaling the bikes. The legs are stretched out of the person’s body as in a go-cart. However, these models do not exactly replicate a real bicycle and hence there are people who do not prefer them for the workout. We included some pictures of some great options above; have a look!



We discuss some of the most popular stationary bike stand models on the coming pages, including the Bell Motivator stand, Kurt Kinetic Road MachineCycleOps Fluid 2, Kurt Kinetic Pro Fluid trainerCycleOps Mag, Minoura standCycleOps SuperMagneto, and more. Pictures of many of these trainers are included on this site, and are available for purchase via the link above, in association with Amazon. Have a look around!

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